Seaweed Solution to Reduce Methane Emissions from Livestock

An Aquatic Moonshot

With a world-class team operating on three continents, Greener Grazing™ has brought together leading researchers, seaweed experts and aquatic farmers to unlock Asparagopsis taxiformis’ potential to combat climate change.

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Our Plan



Collect and characterize diverse sub-strains of A. taxiformis to establish the world’s first seed bank for the species.


Establish stable tank-based production of the tetrasporophyte using vegetative propagation. 


Characterize chemical and biological attributes of various sub-strains and test their response to environmental variables.


Develop multiple methodologies targeting reliable seedstock production of A. taxiformis gametophytes for use in ocean-based cultivation.


Try novel methods of raising seaweed using submerged tube nets to integrate production with ocean-based finfish aquaculture to facilitate cultivation at scale.


Harvest, test and provide finished product to collaborating livestock research teams to support expanded field trials.


We are piecing together the mysteries of cultivation and post-harvest handling systems needed to massively scale up growing operations.

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Australis Aquaculture

Greener Grazing will tap into Australis’ expertise in bringing aquaculture innovations to market. Australis is the world's leading producer of barramundi seabass and a pioneer in sustainable ocean farming.


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